Prevention and protecting brands and their value

In an environment that is ever more complex, volatile and uncertain, the risks to which brands are exposed are on the increase and have the potential to compromise the operations of the business. This is why ascertaining and mitigating the risks, as well as their economic impact, is key. When it comes to risks, ‘you’d better know‘.

What is Brand Risk?

Brand Risk is a specific model for managing risks affecting brands in the widest sense of the word, not only their reputation.

The Brand Risk model incorporates management software that enables the strategies, investments and results to be protected and optimised through intelligent, thorough and real-time management of the risks associated with brands. To this end it provides a flow of complete, constant and structured information, enabling uncertainty to be reduced and anticipated, and better management and investment decisions to be taken.

It has been developed by Summa, an expert consultancy in the field of brand management, and by The Analytics Boutique, a renowned company specialising in risk analysis.

Introductory conference

Brand Risk, the new standard for managing brand risks

We presented this innovative model and software to dozens of finance directors, risk managers and brand managers. During the day, prestigious international speakers spoke about the importance of identifying and managing brand risks with rigor, an asset of increasing value for organizations.

During the conference, prestigious international speakers talked about the importance of rigorously identifying and managing the risks to brands, an asset of growing value to organisations.

of risks

Identification, analysis, recording of risks, alerts and heat maps.

of the impact

Rating and scoring of the risks to the brand, market comparisons.

and response

Prevention and reconstruction programmes. Crisis management and resilience.


and communication

Communication strategies, training programmes and reporting, among others.