Brand Risk is the most advanced model for managing the risks that brands are subject to

It enables all the risks associated with brands to be identified, assessed and mitigated, not only reputational risks.

Brand Risk incorporates advanced software that enables

Strategies, investments and results to be protected and optimised through the intelligent, comprehensive and real-time management of the risks associated with brands.

A comprehensive, constant and structured flow of information to be generated that allows uncertainty to be reduced and anticipated, and better management and investment decisions to be taken.

And, thanks to the identification of scenarios, advanced analyses involving measurement and control, innovative research techniques and the availability of information in real time, improved responses to be planned in time, reducing possible surprises, setbacks, challenges and diversions to brand planning, thereby safeguarding results.

Identification of risks

  • Audits of brank risks (identification, analysis, recording, alerts and heat maps)
  • Research and pilot studies
  • Brand Project Management Risk

Impact assessment

  • Rating and scoring of the brand risks
  • Market comparisons and risk maps
  • Value at risk (VAR) 
  • Capital involved in brand risk
  • Scorecards: control, follow-up and monitoring
  • Modelling the financial and economic impact in terms of results and brand value

Mitigation and response

  • Mitigation, prevention and rebuilding programmes
  • Crisis management: planning and programmes
  • Resilience programmes

Moreover, we can devise tailor-made brand risk assessment programmes for specific situations, programmes or agreements:

  • Risks to brand portfolios 
  • Risks related to technology and technological disruption
  • Risks in the acquisition and sale of brands
  • Risks related to innovation and the launch of new products
  • Licences and franchises
  • Identity risks
  • Celebrity branding risks
  • Communication, sponsorship and promotional initiatives

*Brand Risk integrates into ERP systems