Who it is aimed at

The management of brand risks needs to be shared between various areas and individuals within the organisation. Apart from a scenario in which the responsibility falls on a dedicated person in charge of risks, Brand Risk is an indispensable management tool for finance and marketing executives and those who wish to protect the value of a company’s brands. It is also essential for auditors, insurers, consultants, investors and transaction experts.,

Marketing Directors

We appreciate and understand your day-to-day concerns. We help to forestall and mitigate brand risks in a proactive way, operating as guides and advisors in the taking of decisions and creating new business opportunities to attain and surpass goals.

  • Risks related to innovation, expansion or the launch of products and/or services
  • Rating of brand risks, auditing and assessment
  • Risks related to franchises and licences or the globalisation and diversification of the brand
  • Risks related to marketing and brand management
  • Modelling of scenarios with their risks
  • Risk mitigation and crisis management
  • Risks involving communication, promotion and sponsorship

and Risk Directors

We help finance and risk directors measure the economic impact of brand risk events on the operating account, facilitating the modelling, assessment and calculation of returns, as well as the financial valuation of the brand.

  • Auditing and review of risks
  • Due diligence and its risks
  • Integration of ERM
  • Brand operations and transactions
  • Simulation of risk models

Investment banking
and insurance

We help investors and insurers prevent and mitigate brand risks in their operations, transactions and investments. We provide them with advice for better decision-making, anticipating, informing and establishing priorities, cultivating returns and relationships.

  • Due dilligence
  • Evaluación y calificación del riesgo de marca
  • Compliance
  • Evaluación de riesgos en la titulización o securitización de activos
  • Perfiles y revisiones de riesgos
  • Gestión de políticas de riesgo de marca
  • Transacciones de marca
  • Orientación para el cálculo de primas de seguro

Legal advisors

We determine and evaluate the potential brand risks and similar in commercial contracts and agreements to enhance decision-making in the legal department, providing stakeholders with improved security, trust and confidence.

  • Due diligence for brand risks
  • Rating and measurement of risks
  • Assessment and inclusion of brand risk in contracts and transactions

Management of assets
and private equity

We assist investors, analysts and brokers to take more informed decisions about exposed and sensitive brands to protect investments and returns to organisations, enabling controlled, secure and directed management.

  • Assessment of investments and brand risks
  • Brand risks by portfolio segmentation
  • Risk assessment in transactions
  • Management of risks within the brand

Auditors and consultants

We help auditors, consultants and other organisations construct and integrate risk management practices into especially sensitive companies.

  • Audit and review of risks
  • Due diligence of risks
  • Integration into ERM
  • Brand operations and transactions
  • Assessment of investment options